Editorial Proposals

The Rossi, Ferrari & Price publishing house has set itself the goal of scientific and educational, informative and informative dissemination from the very beginning. Editorial proposals and Curriculum for collaborations: info@rossiferrariprice.com

Editorial proposals

We will be happy to evaluate your proposals.

If you want to submit a manuscript or an editorial proposal, We ask you to send us an abstract (synopsis of no more than 2 folders) of your prosal, where they are clearly indicated the objectives of the work, an annotated index, a sample chapter and your curriculum vitae.

You can send everything by e-mail in digital format to:


Once we receive the material we will contact you if interested. Your proposal will be evaluated and if deemed compliant with the editorial lines Rossi Ferrari & Price We will reply within one month.

Any manuscripts or editorial proposals in paper format unfortunately will not be examined or returned.

Therefore, please note we do not accept editorial Proposals from new authors.

At this moment we only exhamine the authors awarded from our yearly contest.


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